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Bodily Fluids and Tissue Infectious

Prion diseases are forms of fatal neurodegenerative disease. Excluding the recent coronavirus pandemic, neurodegenerative disease is the fastest-growing cause of death on the planet. Alzheimer’s disease alone is taking the lives of 50-100 million people around the world now. Millions will die of the disease this year, while millions more will be diagnosed and misdiagnosed. Millions of people will go undiagnosed. The prion pandemic has been accelerating for years. It will never go away.

A variety of factors can trigger neurodegenerative disease, including genetics, head trauma and prions.

prion disease prevention

Prions are an infectious, deadly protein that consumes the brain. Prions cause fatal neurodegenerative disease in humans and other mammals by converting the cellular version of prion protein into a toxic form that erodes the brain and body.

Dr. Stanley Prusiner, an American neuroscientist from the University of California at San Francisco, earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for discovering and characterizing prions and prion disease. President Obama awarded Prusiner the National Medal of Science in 2010 to recognize the importance of his research. Important reforms to policies to protect public health, however, have been elusive.

Human prion diseases include Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), fatal insomnia, Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker syndrome, kuru, and variably protease-sensitive prionopathy. Recent research by Nobel-Laureate Stanley Prusiner has determined that Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease also are forms of prion disease. Prion disease often is described as a wasting disease that causes a loss of body mass and brain mass.

Prion disease appears to threaten all mammals. It has been detected in deer, elk and moose across North America for decades. In deer, prion disease has been called chronic wasting disease. In cattle, it’s been called mad cow disease. These misleading terms have helped create a cloud of confusion over the prion problem. It has made it more difficult for the average citizen to track the cover-up. Since prion disease began infecting wildlife and livestock, it has claimed reindeer, moose, mink, monkeys, elephants, cats, camels, dolphins and more. The hype about species barriers is ridiculous, reckless and irresponsible.

Prion disease is clinically known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). TSEs are transmissible via bodily fluids.

After Prusiner’s breakthrough research on prions, the U.S. government initially classified these killer proteins as select agents that pose an extreme risk to food, water and health systems. Today, governments don’t regulate prions at all. As such, millions of caregivers are being misinformed, misguided and exposed to an aggressive prion disease. So are friends and family. Unfortunately, Prusiner’s science is being ignored and we all are facing a public health disaster because of the negligence and reckless disregard for public health. Prions are such a formidable threat that the U.S. government enacted the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, which included a provision to halt research on prions in all but two specialized laboratories. Unfortunately, the CDC quietly took prions off the highly regulated list of select agents because the regulation criminalized entire industries and several reckless practices. Delisting prions opened the floodgates to prion mismanagement.

Supposedly, no one knows the scope of the prion problem. The evidence swept under the rug and the global misinformation campaign suggest otherwise. The pandemic is more severe in some countries than others.

Prusiner’s most recent study confirms that Alzheimer’s disease is a prion disease, which means that millions of people with Alzheimer’s disease (and millions who died ahead of them) are highly infectious. 

“I believe this shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that amyloid beta and tau are both prions, and that Alzheimer’s disease is a double-prion disorder in which these two rogue proteins together destroy the brain,” said Stanley Prusiner, MD, the study’s senior author and director of the UCSF Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases, part of the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences. “The fact that prion levels appear linked to patient longevity should change how we think about developing treatments for the disease.”

Neurodegenerative disease is killing millions of people right now. It’s worse in some regions of the world than others. The pandemic will continue to escalate due to misinformation and mismanagement by government and industry.

Alzheimer's disease epidemic

“There is now real evidence of the potential transmissibility of Alzheimer’s disease,” says Thomas Wiesniewski M.D. a prion and Alzheimer’s disease researcher at New York University School of Medicine.

A study published in the journal Nature adds to the evidence about the transmissibility of Alzheimer’s disease between people. A second study by the same scientist in early 2016 supports the claim. Unfortunately, the implications are profound. Prion pathways threaten each and every person on the planet. The greatest prion pathway in the world is human sewage. It’s contaminating food and water supplies with deadly prions now. It’s been going on for years.

Much like the coronavirus, prion disease is a pathway disease. If you can isolate yourself from the external prion threat, you have a much lower chance of contracting this fatal disease. Unfortunately, isolation from the prion contagion is almost impossible. That’s because there are millions of people walking around with prion disease. Infectious waste is being dumped into our food and water supplies. Stakeholders are not being warned about the prion threat. Most victims are in the pre-clinical stage, which means that they don’t have symptoms or a diagnosis, yet. Even when there is a diagnosis, the disease and the risks are being mismanaged.

As prion disease progresses in these people, their entire body becomes infectious. All bodily fluids and tissue contain deadly prions. Milk, blood, saliva, mucus, tears, urine and feces become infectious. Internal organs, including the eyes, are contaminated. Even the body’s largest organ—skin—is infectious. Cups, utensils, plates and clothing become contaminated. A cough or a sneeze can be lethal to those around victims. A kiss on the cheek can become the kiss of death. These risks demand the truth about prion disease.

Claudio Soto, PhD, professor of neurology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, and his colleagues confirmed the presence of prions in urine. Prions infect the entire body and all bodily fluids of its victims, including blood, mucus and saliva. Caregivers for anyone with neurodegenerative disease beware.

In hospital settings, surgical equipment is often contaminated. In some cases, contaminated medical devices have been reused, which has led to lawsuits and deaths. Hospitals are on high alert over prion disease, but they are still failing to protect themselves, staff, patients and entire communities. Dental offices are behind the curve. Blood donations are a prion disaster, despite precautions taken over mad cow disease. A person with Alzheimer’s disease (diagnosed or not) can donate blood and organs. Bad idea.

“Some of the Alzheimer’s disease cases may arise from an infectious process, which occurs with other neurological diseases such as mad cow disease and its human form, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,” said Soto. “The underlying mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease is very similar to the prion diseases. It involves a normal protein that becomes misshapen and is able to spread by transforming good proteins to bad ones. The bad proteins accumulate in the brain, forming plaque deposits (and inflammation), which kill neurons.”

Wastewater treatment plants collect millions of gallons of this infectious waste every day. They are incapable of stopping prions. Sewage plants are centralized places where prions can incubate and mutate before being recycled into reusable water or fertilizer (biosolids). Industrialized nations and developing nations alike are poisoning us all with sewage laced with prions, carcinogens and much more. Because of the prion factor alone, all byproducts and discharges from wastewater treatment plants are infectious waste, which is contributing to the global surge of neurodegenerative disease among humans, wildlife, sea mammals and livestock.

Suffice it to say that the risk assessments on the entire wastewater reclamation process are flawed (fraudulent). These risk assessments do not account for deadly prions. It’s time to stop these practices and others immediately. It’s also time to reevaluate the risks associated with all animal byproducts, since most animals are exposed to deadly prions. Milk, meat, collagen, gel caps and other byproducts demand reconsideration to protect public health from the global prion pandemic.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

There are proven strategies to help avert neurodegenerative disease, including smart nutrition, exercise and prion aversion. There is not a cure for prion disease, but smart nutrition can ease the symptoms. Smart nutrition also can help you and your family avert neurodegenerative disease. Preview and order the eBook now to defend yourself and your family.

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