land application sewage sludge and biosolids


Michelle Trahan Usher January 21, 2019 at 11:13 am

I made stew the other night. A piece of meat fell on the floor, and I picked it up and set it on paper towel, as a I needed to take out the trash. By the time I got my stew done, that raw piece of meat, with the fat attached, looked like it had been dyed. The fat was no longer white it was pink. The meat was bright red, not brown as most meat would typically look after being exposed to the air. So I researched. Dyes are used, and ok’d. They also exposed the meat to carbon monoxide which if you watched enough CSI, YOU REALIZE, THAT PEOPLE WHO ASPHIXIATE ON CARBON MONOXIDE TURN PINK.

A FAMILY FRIEND OF MINE, WHO WAS GOOD FRIENDS WITH MY DAD, DIED FROM Creutzfeldt-JakobS DISEASE, LAST YEAR. His daughter was a good friend, I FEEL LIKE A TERRIBLE PERSON FOR NOT BEING THERE FOR HER AND HIM, THEIR WHOLE FAMILY. I HAVE BEEN IN A RABBIT HOLE THAT HAS TURNED INTO QUICK SAND, WE KNOW IT AS IT “TRUMP” and yet deregulation is something corporations could do themselves. I got some bacon that I made tonight, it was 70% fat. I am alarmed. I am scared, what do we do?! WHY IS THERE NOT ALARM BELLS GOING OFF? Why are we not making connections with PRIONS?! Industry and deregulation?!


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