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Actress An Inspiration For Millions

Joanne Woodward, legendary actress and widow of actor Paul Newman, is battling Alzheimer’s disease. According to sources close to the family, Woodward faces a grim prognosis.

Woodward’s first film was a post-Civil War Western, Count Three and Pray, in 1955. She continued to move between Hollywood and Broadway, eventually studying in the New York production of Picnic, which featured her future husband Paul Newman. The two were married in 1958, after their work together in the film The Long, Hot Summer. By that time, Woodward had starred in The Three Faces of Eve (1957), for which she won the 1957 Academy Award for Best Actress. One of her favorite roles was in the movie A Big Hand For The Little Lady.

She graduated from Greenville High School in Greenville, South Carolina in 1947. Woodward won many beauty contests as a teenager. She appeared in theatrical productions at Greenville High and in Greenville’s Little Theatre, playing Laura Wingfield in their staging of The Glass Menagerie, directed by Robert Hemphill McLane. She returned to Greenville in 1976, to play Amanda Wingfield in another Little Theatre production of The Glass Menagerie. She also returned in 1955 for the premiére of her debut movie, Count Three And Pray, at the Paris Theatre on North Main Street. Woodward majored in drama at Louisiana State University, where she was an initiate of Chi Omega sorority, then headed to New York City to perform on the stage.

Joanne Woodward’s health decline comes at a hard time within the family as Paul Newman’s children have reportedly been fighting over their father’s estate. The Paul Newman family is currently at war with each other over the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” stars multi-billion dollar estate. Newman’s family members are clearly upset that the bulk of his estate was left to his wife Joanne Woodward and his various selected charities. Sources close to the Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward family stated:

“Prior to his death, he gifted each of his five daughters with an inheritance of $5 million. He felt the girls were all successful and didn’t have to rely on family­ money. “But the girls are now suddenly sensitive to how much Joanne is worth, and they’re concerned that she may cut them out of her estate entirely and leave every dime to charity.”

As Joanne Woodward fights for her life, the children are battling over the Newman fortune. Woodward was married to Paul Newman for five decades. He died of lung can­cer in 2008.

Woodward and Newman share three daughters – Nell, Lissy, and Clea. Newman also has two daughters from his first marriage to Jackie Witte, Susan, 59, and Stephanie, 58. Paul Newman was proceeded in death by his son Scott, who died from a drug overdose in 1978. He was only 28 years old.

Today, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman’s children are fighting over the estate. It’s anyone’s guess what Joanne Woodward planned in her will.

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Avatar Gary Chandler

Author: Gary Chandler

Gary Chandler is a prion expert. He is the CEO of Crossbow Communications, author of several books and producer of documentaries about health and environmental issues around the world. Chandler is connecting the dots to the global surge in neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, chronic wasting disease and other forms of prion disease.


  1. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Abbas Haghayegh

    I am a 32 male psychologist of Iran.I am very very very interest to Joanne Woodward.I am very sad for this news.I always hope to see Joanne in close. Unfortunately I am in a other side of world.I think, their daughters should not be selfish.if it is approximately impossible ,I wish drug of Alzheimer is discovered and made. oh, my loved actress and personality ,I could not believe this news.I love you to always

  2. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Betty Jones

    so many wonderful years together, and with such successful careers, After all of that it is such a sad shame that it comes to this. I just pray that whatever remains of her life is surrounded by love, and patience and dignity

    • Avatar Gary Chandler

      Jos van Santen

      Betty, there are many stories going around about this so-called fight, I for one believe little of them. Just like Joanne and Paul their daughters seem to have lived very private lives, so I can’t imagine they would do such a thing, at least not in a way the public would get to know about it.

      I totally am with you in your hope Joanne is treated with love, patience and dignity, by her family and by everyone around her.

  3. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Don Ventura

    The one time I “almost” met Joanne Woodward was around 1952. I was in a rehearsal studio in Carnegie Hall waiting to meet a friend when I saw this very beautiful young blonde… our eyes met and for maybe 5 minutes we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. Unfortunately the friend I was waiting for showed up and I left, losing my chance to meet her. Only a few weeks later she popped up again most unexpectedly in a drama on the TV screen…. she was terrific and I once again regretted having missed the opportunity to meet her when I could have. Years later, In 1955, she popped up a third time: this time on the movie screen in her first movie opposite Van Heflin, “Count Three & Pray”. She was wonderful …. I saw every movie she ever made after that… remaining always a secret admirer. It saddens me deeply to learn that she suffers from Alzheimer’s.

    • Avatar Gary Chandler

      Carmelo Roldan

      I am suffering from short term memory and it runs in my maternal family alzheimer’s that is. I was very saddened to hear of Joanna’s story she was a great actress and a great person.

  4. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Scottie Lamb

    I am so sorry to hear of Joann’s illness. I grew up in South Ga. and had read she was originally from Thomasville, Ga. I always admired her so much and loved every movie she was in, especially Three Faces of Eve. I thought it was wonderful that she and Paul Newman had such a wonderful marriage and set such a good example for others. I pray her children and friends will be good to her.

    • Avatar Gary Chandler

      Trisha Chromicz-Smith

      Ms. Woodward aka Mrs. Paul Newman & Joanne Newman is the reason I never gave up searching for ” Ever-Lasting Love “!!! Each & every time I lamented on terminating each of the 3 marriage engagements I thought if a high profile marriage as was Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward’s marriage could be obtained then I too had a chance! So, I held back from marrying 3 times. There was something missing. But, if the Newman’s found each other I too would eventually find my “Soul Mate!!! Guess what?!?! I did indeed find my soul mate as did my husband. We both were a bit older than the average 1st time marriage’s seem to be. Without the example of the Newman’s I doubt if I would have waited as long as I did. On the third engagement being broken I took a lot of heat as being too fickle and would never get married. We proved them WRONG!!! Neil and I found each other and have never could have been so happy or in love as we were until Neil’s death. Sometimes I romantis maybe Joanne’s devastating disease releaved her of the heartbreak of living without her Paul. Maybe….

  5. Avatar Gary Chandler


    It grieves me . But we need to know that nothing is wasted in King Jesus’ kingdom.
    As long as there is breadth there is purpose even if we do not see it. So sad to slowly fade away as far as we can see on this side of eternity. I pray during this time Mrs. Newman will be fully aware of the presence of the Almighty and her heart completely his.

  6. Avatar Gary Chandler

    kaz fleszar

    this is sad news just shows how fleeting life is, we should treasure every moment while we re here, all good things come to an end as they say. on a more uplifting note ,they will be together again soon, what a day that will be. we re all to loved by god for death to be the end of it if you have hope its worth more than money .never give up hope.

  7. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Dorothy Taylor Cahill

    I am so sad for her, and I have prayed that out Father in Heaven will shower her with His love. I pray that when her mind was sharper – she loved and trusted in him. I agree with that other writer. We are to share what God blesses us with. If the places the Newmans shared their wealth with was in keeping with God’s will, He will see that His will is done. Paul and Joanne’s children have been greatly blessed. If they are wise and use their blessings wisely – they will never want for anything. But they have no right to ALL their parents earned; it was their parents to do with as THEY wanted. I pray their hearts will be softened, and they will care for their mother with much gratitude and love.

  8. Avatar Gary Chandler


    Its nobody’s business but the families. Don’t care what the will was business. who said they are fighting? And the money from both estates should be equally divided between all children and charities. Don’t care what the will says people get weird right before they die anyway.

  9. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Sharon Davis

    I have long loved the Paul and Joanne love story! For two such talented actors to find a life long devotion to each other was heartwarming! It makes me so sad that Joanne has lost her memories of her Paul is heartbreaking! I pray for peace for her and the daughters, may God see them through this difficult time!

  10. Avatar Gary Chandler


    Think of ms, Woodward often. She is a remarkable woman no matter what this disease has stolen. My mother had the same disease and yet I know my mom was in there and I remember all the wonderful things she did for my 3 sisters, my dad and many others that never knew her generous spirit.
    I understand the pain her children are going thru and I hope they will be able to hold on to all the beautiful memories they share of their mother. No one need judge them.

  11. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Cathy Rhea Loeb Davis

    I have always been a fan of Joanne and Paul both. Just read about her battle with alzheimer disease and am heartily sorry to know she is going through this. I hate this particular disease almost worse than any because how it not only effects the person diagnosed but all their loved ones who must stand by helpless and watch their deterioration. My prayers will be with you all….

  12. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Ellen Loganes

    Years ago I saw Paul and Joanne at Westley Woods Nursing Home on Clifton Road about 5 or 6 times while I was visiting my mother, who had Alzheimer’s. They were visiting Joanne’s mother who also had Alzheimer’s. They came often from California to Atlanta for just that reason. If Alzheimer’s is inherited I am plenty worried. I would kill myself before I ‘d go through what my mother did. I hope a new medicine will stop it. If not, I hope Joanne Woodward will go gently into that good night, without pain and with peace. (Dylan Thomas was wrong.)

  13. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Alice Mason

    I am saddened to hear of her struggle with Alzheimer’s. What a beautiful and talented lady she is. I hope and pray the “children” will abide by their parents’ wishes, and make her last days comfortable and loving.

  14. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Roxane Morris

    With all do respect to Ms Newman, my concern is for her children….it has been said that when you lose your mother you lose your best friend. Well, I know this to be true. Within just the last few years we have lost a lot of our Stars that have given us all a part of their own lives just to entertain us, (the FANS)!
    I guess what I’m saying is this, i shall pray for you girls and your families wishing you all a long life like your parent had. Because they had a very good happy and full life. Now-a-days that is so very hard to come by.
    Life’s imperfections are cruel to all mankind. My wish for you all is a blessed life. You girls don’t miss a moment of your mothers life because when she goes to sleep in death you will truly miss your mother & best friend.

    This ones for you Ms. Newman, thank you for sharing your husband & your own life with all your beautiful talent. I have enjoyed watching your talent on TV. My favorite shows was Sibll & The Three Faces of Eve.
    May you be blessed, & take it easy…

  15. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Karuna Raina

    When will people get a reality check that no one lives forever and no one takes any materialistic objects or money with us, after passing. Joanne and Paul’s daughters should cherish every precious moment loving their mother and each other!!!!

  16. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Mrs. Elizabeth E. Rayot

    Joanne was a wonderful, wife, mother and actress. Her and Paul were meant to be.
    So sorry she is going through the battle of Alzheimer’s. Hopefully her children will
    see the need to give her the love and care she needs at this time. Their parents
    left them ample to live on. They have so many memories of growing up together and
    they should dwell on that. You can’t’ take it with you, children. Live it like your parents wanted it. Don’t be greedy. Be kind, giving and loving. I’m sure your Mother was able
    to see the love and goodness in you before she fell ill.

  17. Avatar Gary Chandler

    kathy minet

    Its so sad it came to this. Paul Newman had his camp . He loved giving , she always with him. Don’t let her legacy change . Let people see her as she was witty , beautiful and so in love with Paul. Do with the money as you know she would of wanted. You will all meet again . I know the love they had for each other is strong. He will come for her . I doubt if he will let her suffer.

  18. Avatar Gary Chandler

    You know I have had an emotional love affair with Paul Newman since I was 13 years old and saw him in the movie, Exodus. Even though I had this overwhelming passion for him I was never envious of Joanne and I think it’s because I knew they truly loved one another. They always came off to me as truly having each other’s back and having affairs wasn’t worth the end of their loving relationship.

  19. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Eric Cuthbert

    Thank you for your e-mail. Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain, which gets clogged up because of drinking coffee, tea and other substances (in my opinion). The brain needs to be cleansed by drinking plenty of distilled water and pure fruit juices and no (coffee, tea or alcohol). After a few months the brain Will clear. Please give this advice to Joanne and all who have Alzheimer’s disease. I will send some money when I can.
    Yours truly. Eric Cuthbert. Rep of Ireland.

  20. Avatar Gary Chandler


    From what I’ve read, the population of India is one quarter less likely to develop Alzheimers than populations in the West.

    It’s thought this statistic is attributable to the every day consumption of turmeric. Common turmeric powder used in cooking has a preventative effect over the long term.

  21. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Julie Pearson

    Hello, my name is Julie. I wish u and ur family all the best. I am sorry to hear about ur Mom. I wanted your Mom and her daughters to know that I am a Veteran who suffers greatly from Severe PTSD. I still watch The movie Sybil often. Ur Mother and Sybil played by Sally Fields brings therapy and healing every time I watch it. Ur Mother is the Best Doctor I have ever seen played in a movie. I dream of a Doctor just like her for myself. In fact I pretend she is my Doctor when I need comfort. I want her and her daughters to know ur Mother and that movie helps me cope every time I watch it. Thank her for me for being my Dr. Too. My Dr. Wilber. God Bless Julie

  22. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Jeanette Marcia

    The most talented and beautiful soul of both of these people, the fact that they stayed together for so many years, and dedicated time and money to helping children and people that are suffering around the world is something to celebrate as excellence in a wonderful life. Dementia may be a prelude to transitioning toward the next existence where all is left behind as we begin again. That said, I do believe that the children are not being selfish by wishing to have some of the finances that their parents generated. I think they should donate also to the charities their parents cared about, and should not have to relinquish what should be theirs, at least in part. / especially because of their mothers diminishing ability to make decisions. I would not fault the children for taking the estate along with their mother’s care to court to make a fairer analysis of the estate. People shouldn’t have children if they don’t intend to leave them, and leave this world with them in it, without every possible resource passed on to them, including money. Charities are wonderful, but can also be corrupt, thereby making complete strangers to the family wealthy. This inheritance should be taken to court before JoAnn leaves the building. The fortune should not be a mystery to be read to the children after she is gone. It should not be told to them by lawyers and others that gain by their loss. Parents – be ALL in, or don’t have kids, lest we bitterly live on remembering parents that gave it all to others.

    • Avatar Gary Chandler


      I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that charity begins at home. It should be that way even for the rich, though the rich should also give to charity and they do. But Joanne HERSELF is rich, with or without Paul. Most of the money should’ve gone to his children, inspite of the 5 mil he gave them before. Perhaps, being of a certain generation, he has that mindset—in spite of HER wealth—that it is customary for a man’s estate to go to his wife—and then the wife’s to the children—but that custom arose at a time when traditional sex roles were still the norm— when women were generally provided for by their husbands and seldom did paid work. The Newman daughters are rich too, of course, so it’s understandable people get upset at the idea of them asking for more—they don’t need “charity”—but they also GIVE to charity, CREATE charities, and they do good work, they pay their taxes, the daughters are putting the money to good use and so, so WHAT if Clea hocked his Rolex and didn’t buy a homeless shelter, omg, SHE’S not the one wasting their tax dollars on bombs, oil, parking lots and the auto industry and Big Meat—all of which are causing climate change—it’s the politicians and the government that are screwing The Poor, it sure as hell isn’t the Newmans or people like the Newmans. And his daughters are hardly the richest of the rich and they TOO are getting older and may be at risk for Alzheimer’s. Joanne is already well cared for and, from what I understand, is too far gone to enjoy any of the money anyway.

  23. Avatar Gary Chandler


    Hi i am so so sad that when it comes down to money families seem to forget that it was their money that they worked hard for. I know i have been there. No amount of money makes up for the love of your family. Life is too short. I say live life to the full and love your family unconditionally x

  24. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Donna Qualters

    Joanna Woodward is from my hometown Greenville S.C. so i was sad to hear that she has alzheimer’s because I thought that she already had passed away like Paul Newman. So it was a shock to realize she is in the state she is in her last days. May God be with you miss Woodward.

  25. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Michele Qualters

    Joanna Woodward is from my hometown Greenville S.C. so i was sad to hear that she has alzheimers because I thought that she already had passed away like Paul Newman. So it was a shock to realize she is in the state she is in her last days. May God be with you miss Woodward.

  26. Avatar Gary Chandler


    Joanna Woodward is from my hometown Greenville S.C. so i was sad to hear that she has alzheimers because I thought that she already had passed away like Paul Newman. So it was a shock to realize she is in the state she is in her last days. May God be with you miss Woodward.

  27. Avatar Gary Chandler

    aloysius weathers

    I hope the Newman’s Own brand does not suffer from this family squabble. It’s charitable influences will be felt long after the daughters are pushing up daises, as it was designed to do.

  28. Avatar Gary Chandler


    A mans money should go proportionately to the mothers of his children. And then the mothers should leave every dime to them. Neither should leave money to charities, talk to their children about predilections, maybe..
    But it’s divorce law we want to straighten out first so women are protected. This is a mess because of that. None of us has forgiven or forgotten.

  29. Avatar Gary Chandler


    This wonderful woman was loved and cherished by her husband and he did right by her and his daughters. Anyone who shared a life with someone for many years should be taken care of financily by the other and those blessed enough to be able to do for charities and have a higher income should give back.

  30. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Russell Montminy

    I hope the funds left by Joanne Woodward will all go to poor and needy as Paul I’m sure
    would have liked. The Newman children have more then enough for their comfort and
    well being so why not give it to where it is most needed and that is to the poor. God
    bless you Joanne Woodward and your wonderful caring husband.

  31. Avatar Gary Chandler

    vincent mohindas

    …wishing her all the best in her natural life, despite this handicap. Viewed many of her movies since a young boy in restricted adults only…and where cinemas would allow 15 year kids in this Island . Marvelous to watch and know she is still around God Bless her. Nowadays, I watch more, adding a reminiscence of the times past Fox used to have a distribution agency right here in the 50s and 60s .

  32. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Linda Gerlinger

    I met Paul Newman in Denver in Sept 2002 at the Denver Grand Prix. Our team came in 1st & 2nd place and Paul Newman’s team 3rd place. As the trophy was presented I walked up to Paul Newman, and I was so nervous, saying to him “I have been looking for you all of my life” LOL. His eyebrows went up and he said “you have” with a big smile 🙂 I meant to say that I have been looking for him all weekend, but thought I better not correct myself. He said to his friend “this is the kind of women you should be dating” 🙂 I will cherish the pic with him forever.

  33. Avatar Gary Chandler


    i hope her end, will be painless. i met her in 2008 waiting to buy a powerball ticket, telling the guy in front of me that i was in a movie with paul newman in 1977, slapshot. i was the the peterboro patriots radio sponser sheehan’s rustproofing, i knew one of the second asst. director’s in the movie, peter burrell.

  34. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Irneatha Myers

    To the family of Paul and Joanne Newman, I am a fan of your parents and I hope that the in fighting there saying is happening amongst you all is gossip, I don’t know if you all have children of your own, but I hope so because they are the best and I’m sure your parents said the same thing about you all! It’s nothing wrong with showing better ok. Beautiful couple your parents and your mom, I watched my own mom going through dementia and listened to the things she would say and talk about, oh it hurt to see but you know what she did a lot of smiling and laughing, I will tell you miss her so much!!!

  35. Avatar Gary Chandler

    Lana Delanoljde

    I was so sorry to hear about Joanne Newman’s illness she was such a wonderful actress Same on her children fighting over her money when she is not dead yet I hope she lives them nothing

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