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Disease Spreading Through Prion Contamination

The deadly Alzheimer’s disease epidemic is real. It’s global. It’s unstoppable. More than 50 million people around the world are dying from the disease today. The numbers will continue to climb at a faster pace unless we identify and stop the environmental component of the disease (a contagion called a prion). Prions are a deadly and unstoppable form of protein that migrates, mutates, multiplies and kills with unparalleled efficiency.

“There is now real evidence of the potential transmissibility of Alzheimer’s,” says Thomas Wiesniewski M.D. a prion and Alzheimer’s researcher at New York University School of Medicine. “In fact, this ability to transmit an abnormal conformation is probably a universal property of amyloid-forming proteins (prions).”

Dr. Stanley Prusiner, an American neuroscientist from the University of California at San Francisco, earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for discovering and characterizing deadly prions and prion disease. He claims that all TSEs are caused by prions.

President Obama awarded Prusiner the National Medal of Science in 2010 to recognize the importance of his research. According to Prusiner, TSEs all are on the same disease spectrum, which is more accurately described as prion (PREE-on) disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is at the extreme end of the spectrum. Prusiner’s science is being ignored and we are facing a public health disaster because of the negligence.

prion disease spectrum

Studies confirm that people and animals dying of prion disease contaminate the environment around them with prions in their urine, feces, blood, mucus and saliva. Not only are homes and hospitals exposed to the prion pathogen, so are entire sewage treatment systems and their by-products. Wastewater treatment plants are prion incubators and distributors. The sewage sludge and wastewater released are spreading disease far and wide. Sewage mismanagement also is contributing to the global surge in autism.

Prion researcher Dr. Joel Pedersen, from the University of Wisconsin, found that prions become 680 times more infectious in certain soils. Pedersen also found that sewage treatment does not inactivate prions.

“Our results suggest that if prions enter municipal wastewater treatment systems, most of the agent would bond to sewage sludge, survive anaerobic digestion, and be present in treated biosolids,” Pedersen said.

“Land application of biosolids containing prions represents a route for their unintentional introduction into the environment. Our results emphasize the importance of keeping prions out of municipal wastewater treatment systems. Prions could end up in sewage treatment plants via slaughterhouses, hospitals, dental offices and mortuaries just to name a few of the pathways. The disposal of sludge represents the greatest risk of spreading prion contamination in the environment.”

“Since it’s unlikely that the sewage treatment process can effectively deactivate prions, adopting measures to prevent the entry of prions into the sewer system is advisable,” said the Toronto Department of Health, November 2004.

As the chart below illustrates, not all countries are experiencing the same prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease. The North Atlantic countries of Finland, Iceland and Sweden have some of the highest rates of dementia in the world. Why?

Why is Finland’s dementia rate 39 percent higher than Iceland’s? If dementia is a random or sporadic condition, there should be little or no variance in the incidence from country to country. In reality, the differences and coincidences are alarming.

The United States and other developed countries also have high incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, doctors are withholding millions of additional diagnoses in the United States, so we don’t know the extent of the epidemic in America, but the incidence likely rivals Finland.

The undeveloped countries across Asia, Africa and South America have the lowest incidence. What causes these regional variations? Could it be an unhealthy or contaminated diet in these countries? Could it be contaminated drinking water? Or is it another source of regional environmental contamination? We have our theories and we are backing them up with science and facts.

According to recent studies, Finland has the highest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the world (current statistics here). Iceland and Sweden aren’t far behind. It could be that Finland is doing a better job of screening, diagnosing and offering honest assessments. What can we learn from these regional variations? What are the common threads that can help us unravel the causes of neurological disease?

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Deaths/100K
1.   Finland                     34.9
2.  Iceland                      25.1
3.  United States           24.8
4.  Sweden                     21.5
5.  Netherlands             21.4
6.  Switzerland              20.0
7.  Cuba                           19.6
8.  Chile                          19.6
9.  Andorra                     19.4
10.  Spain                        18.7
11.  Norway                     18.6
12.  Uruguay                   17.5
13.  Denmark                  17.4
14.  United Kingdom    17.1
15.  France                      16.6

Although there are many causes of Alzheimer’s and related neurological diseases, the Baltic Sea region is a microcosm worth studying. The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted bodies of water on the planet. Much of the pollution originates upstream and on land, but tons of it are dumped directly in the sea.

We have our theories about the spread of the disease and why it may be higher in these regions. Prions earned the Nobel Prize for Dr. Stanley Prusiner in 1997. In humans, we know prion disease as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. In other mammals, we know it as mad cow disease and chronic wasting disease, which has now jumped the Atlantic from North America to the reindeer in Norway. Sick deer didn’t cross the ocean to infect the reindeer.

biosolids land application contaminates food water

Sewage sludge dumped on land is the common denominator and Norway’s sewage is very infectious. The country has one of the highest incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the world. Prion disease has even been found in dolphins and it’s likely what is causing the massive die-offs and beaching of whales. It’s because of groundwater runoff from infected fields and forests.

These sick animals are canaries in the proverbial coal mine. If sewage is infecting wildlife, it’s happening to the livestock that produce our meat and dairy products. They just aren’t living long enough to exhibit the clinical symptoms and testing for mad cow disease, for example, isn’t happening in a meaningful manner. The same prion contamination is exposing every person on the planet to deadly neurological disease and other ailments. Our food and water supplies are being contaminated with infectious and toxic sewage. It’s time to outlaw this foolish practice that’s enriching corporations, such as Synagro, Lystek and others. It’s time to purge the institutional corruption within federal, state and local governments that enables this deadly practice.

The largest prion pathway in the world is human sewage and the dumping of it on farms, ranches, forests, playgrounds, golf courses, parks, forests, and beyond. This illegal dumping of infectious waste is reckless and it’s contributing to a public health disaster. Neurodegenerative disease is the fastest-growing cause of death in the world. Sewage isn’t fuel, fertilizer or a safe source of drinking water. Unfortunately, it’s the source of deadly and unstoppable disease. It’s time to manage it responsibly.

Prions are contributing to the global spike in prion diseases, which also are known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). There is no species barrier to prion disease. A deadly prion is a deadly prion.

All forms of prion disease are deadly, incurable, contagious and unstoppable. Each species impacted is fueling the environmental contamination and cross-contaminating others and others species via infected bodily fluids and tissues. People, livestock and wildlife with these diseases not only are incurable, they are spreading the contagion throughout their day via blood, saliva, mucus, urine and feces.

Sick people are infecting cropland via biosolids and wastewater reuse (prions cannot be stopped by sewage processing–just ask the U.S. EPA and WEF). Infected croplands proceed to infect crops, deer, elk, cattle and anything else that grazes or eats the crop. Rainwater and irrigation wash those prions from the crops into creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans.

In other words, the hot spots for Alzheimer’s disease should be analyzed for all of these vectors. What do these areas have in common regarding sewage, agriculture, fishing, water supplies, health systems and more? The vectors are expanding by the day and ignorance and denial will only make things worse. Once these diseases come nipping at your door, we may all wish that we had taken the prion epidemic much more seriously and did not spread them like fertilizer.

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Gary Chandler is a prion expert. He is the CEO of Crossbow Communications, author of several books and producer of documentaries about health and environmental issues around the world. Chandler is connecting the dots to the global surge in neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, chronic wasting disease and other forms of prion disease.

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Author: Gary Chandler

Gary Chandler is a prion expert. He is the CEO of Crossbow Communications, author of several books and producer of documentaries about health and environmental issues around the world. Chandler is connecting the dots to the global surge in neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, chronic wasting disease and other forms of prion disease.

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