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Alzheimer's disease treatment

A Promising Treatment For Neurodegenerative Disease A diet containing compounds found in green tea and carrots reversed Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in mice genetically programmed to develop the disease, USC researchers announced. Researchers emphasize that the study, recently published in theJournal of Biological Chemistry, was in mice, and many mouse discoveries never translate into human treatments. Nevertheless, […]

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Alzheimer's disease facts

Pomegranates Treat Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms A compound found in the skins and fruit of pomegranates could offer Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease researchers a new avenue for quieting the debilitating illnesses, a new study from the University of Huddersfield suggests. Data from Alzheimer’s Disease International estimates worldwide cases of dementia will triple by 2050 — a collection of illnesses widely […]

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