Food, Water, Air Contamination Fueling Brain Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism Are Industrial Diseases The EPA is drawing more attention and criticism than usual lately, but its history of mismanagement is nothing new. EPA failures regarding wastewater treatment, reuse and the land application of sewage sludge go back decades. For example, sewage sludge was deemed too toxic to dump in the ocean in […]

Neurodegenerative Disease A Global Epidemic

Neurodegenerative Disease The Fastest Growing Cause Of Death Death rates from heart disease and cancer are dropping globally due to advances in nutrition, medicine and disease management. Meanwhile, neurodegenerative disease is exploding because it’s highly contagious in most cases. In the U.S., deaths from Alzheimer’s disease increased 71 percent from 2000 to 2013, while those attributed to […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Caused By Deadly Prions?

Editor’s Note: Many factors, including genetics, can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. However, a deadly protein called a prion (PREE-on) also is contributing to the rapid spread of the disease. People and animals with prion disease are contagious and caregivers and family members are vulnerable to transmission. People with prion disease spread deadly […]