Nutrition Treats Alzheimer’s Disease Better Than Drugs

Only Six Drugs Approved To Treat Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s Disease

There are no cures for Alzheimer’s and similar forms of neurodegenerative disease. There are few effective treatments to alleviate the symptoms for Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

The good news is that there are several super foods that can help us avert Alzheimer’s disease in the first place. Other super foods effectively treat the symptoms of neurodegenerative disease, which can improve functioning and quality of life as the disease progresses. Walnuts are one of those super foods.

We will discuss many more nutritional treatments for Alzheimer’s disease in our upcoming documentary, Food For Thought. We also offer vital advice to caregivers, who have a 600% greater chance of contracting the disease than the average person. Learn why. 

Prions and Alzheimer's disease

Death rates from heart disease, cancer and other leading causes of death are dropping thanks to advances in medicine and disease management. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease is the one glaring exception. Death rates from Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of neurodegenerative diseases are skyrocketing.

Neurodegenerative diseases are the fastest-growing cause of death today. If we had accurate mortality statistics, we would likely find that Alzheimer’s disease is already the leading cause of death. It will continue to spread around the world—to people of all ages.

There are many factors contributing to the global surge in Alzheimer’s disease. Age and genetics play a role, but it’s smaller than you realize. Due to mismanagement and misinformation, people from some regions of the world are at a higher risk than others. Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United States have the highest rates in the world. These hot spots speak of an environmental disease not one driven by age and genetics. Women contract the disease at twice the rate of men. Why?

Alzheimer's disease prevention

Hope is on the horizon. These tips can help you and your loved ones beat and treat neurological disease. Prevention is the key.

Order the eBook now and learn how to:

  • Avoid neurotoxins in food, water and the circles of life;
  • Prevent brain disease with targeted nutritional guidance;
  • Effectively treat brain disease with nutritional therapies. It’s the most logical and comprehensive nutritional advice available for neurological disease; and
  • Keep caregivers safe. Misinformation and misdiagnoses are putting them at risk.

We need your help to push for reforms that can stop the misinformation and mismanagement that are contributing to the global Alzheimer’s disease epidemic. Please contact us to find out how you can help. Write to Gary Chandler

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