Documentary Will Shine Light On Neurodegenerative Disease

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The Alzheimers disease epidemic has become an environmental nightmare. A new documentary hopes to turn the tide.

Help us expose the misinformation and mismanagement that is fueling the global epidemic that is killing 50 million people around the world right now. Several factors are fueling the surge in neurodegenerative disease. The truth is our only hope. Prevention is the only defense.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

Several forms of neurodegenerative disease are contagious. That’s why caregivers are 600% more likely to contract Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s or the feared Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Doctors can’t distinguish between these diseases and they can’t confirm a diagnosis without an autopsy. Compounding the problem is the fact that doctors are withholding “diagnoses” from millions of people, which protects insurance companies, but not families.

That’s right, Alzheimer’s has become an industrial disease. Industry practices are contributing to it and industrial practices are trying to cover it up. The good news is that the truth can help you navigate this toxic minefield and the lies that are covering it up. Our documentary also will empower you with information that can help you refine your lifestyle to help avoid neurodegenerative disease.

biosolids management

biosolids land application contaminates food water

The script is complete. It’s powerful. I have refined my lifestyle, diet and supplements based on information that I have uncovered in just the last eight weeks.

As Wall Street is tanking, this is a chance to invest in a growth industry.Please read the update prior to this one about my offer to investors. More than 200 million people around the world need this information today just to help them manage neurodegenerative disease within their family. This documentary will be available to them online and on-demand for $10 or less. This is a chance to change the world and change lives before the problem escalates even further.

SPONSORS: If you have executive level contacts within corporations and advocacy organizations, please share this information with them and we will pay you a generous commission. Again, time is of the essence. I need your help.

Alzheimer's disease preventionThis multi-media platform can help sponsors build relationships, market share and the bottom line around the topic of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a massive, growing market.

Ideal sponsors are in:
– Healthcare
– Health Insurance
– Food (products, retailers, restaurants, associations)
– Fitness
– Supplements
– Water Purification
– Assisted Living
– Wellness
– Many more…

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2 Replies to “Documentary Will Shine Light On Neurodegenerative Disease”

  1. Any thoughts on how CBD oil can restore cognitive function in 2 minutes? I started taking the oil a few months ago and am doing better than 5 years ago. It wears off at end of day. Younger Onset ALZ diagnosed 2013, was struggling for years before that.

    Enjoy following your work, you are onto some big discoveries here.

    1. I have heard great things. Please keep me informed. Write up a story and I will post it. Thanks, Margery.

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