China Sees Increase in Alzheimer’s Disease

Asia Not Immune To Alzheimer’s Epidemic

Statistics show that the incidence rate of Alzheimer’s disease in China has been rising gradually in recent years and the number of Alzheimer’s disease patients has now reached five million and is increasing at a rate of 300,000 every year.

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World Alzheimer’s Day falls on September 21 every year, highlighting the fact that the disease has become the fourth leading cause of death among senior citizens, following angiocardiopathy, cerebrovascular disease and therioma. Currently, 5.6 percent of Chinese people aged above 65 have Alzheimer’s disease, which means that there is one Alzheimer’s patient among every 20 senior citizens. Among them, only 27 percent regularly go to the hospital for medical treatment. In addition, the number of women with Alzheimer’s disease is twice to three times that of men.

Experts say that there are still few effective medical treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and correct diagnosis and intervention treatments are critical to prevent the disease from worsening. According to experts’ suggestions, adult children should spend more time with their parents and take them to the hospital if they suspect the parents have Alzheimer’s disease.

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