Food, Water, Air Contamination Fueling Brain Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism Are Industrial Diseases The EPA is drawing more attention and criticism than usual lately, but its history of mismanagement is nothing new. EPA failures regarding wastewater treatment, reuse and the land application of sewage sludge go back decades. For example, sewage sludge was deemed too toxic to dump in the ocean in […]

Prion Surveillance Center Fighting For Life

Alzheimer’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting All Caused By Prions By John Fauber, Reporter, MedPage Today When Tim Suroviak developed cognitive problems after coming home following heart surgery last year, one of the first questions doctors asked was whether he was a hunter. He was not, though his family did eat venison a few times […]

Wildlife Contracting Brain Disease From Humans

Chronic Wasting Disease Further Proof Of Infectious Disease Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other forms of neurodegenerative disease are collectively becoming the leading cause of death around the world. Brain disease also continues to expand in wildlife. Is there a connection? Keep reading to find out why: Alzheimer’s disease is part of a spectrum disease known as […]

Sewage Sludge On Land Spreading Brain Disease

Infectious Waste Spreading Brain Disease Brain disease is attacking record numbers of people around the world. Microcephaly in infants is part of the same scourge. The global epidemic is being fueled by infectious waste that’s contaminating our food, water, air and more. This infectious waste (biosolids) contains deadly and unstoppable neurotoxins, but it’s being spread like fertilizer […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Related To Chronic Wasting Disease

All Mammals Appear Vulnerable To Prion Epidemic Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is ravaging wildlife in many regions across North America. It’s part of a larger epidemic of neurological disease that is killing millions of people, wildlife and livestock around the world. Once again, wildlife are serving as the proverbial canary in a coal mine. CWD is […]

Deadly Proteins Likely Causing Mass Deer Deaths In Alabama, Elsewhere

Editor’s Note: All signs point to prion disease that has ravaged at least one private herd of deer in Alabama. The bad news is that the misinformation and declarations of false alarms are already in full swing. Containing chronic wasting disease or any prion disease is impossible. Telling people otherwise is reckless and criminal. The coverup […]

Deadly Deer Epidemic Related To Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow

Editor’s Note: A deadly and unstoppable form of protein called a prion is the common thread between many neurodegenerative disorders that are surging around the world among people, wildlife and livestock. Prions are always fatal. They are transmissible from victims in many ways. We’re advocating for the truth and reform. Please join us and arm […]

Conference Investigates Prion Diseases

Prion Epidemic Striking Mammals Globally Editor’s Note: According to Nobel-Prize winner Stanley Prusiner, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Chronic Wasting, and Mad Cow disease all are forms of prion disease. One could argue that we have epidemics in Alzheimer’s and Chronic Wasting disease. Those incubating various forms of prion disease are very infectious. We should assume that […]

Prions In Plants Spreading Brain Diseases

Infectious Waste Spreading Alzheimer’s Disease Prions — the infectious, deformed proteins that cause chronic wasting disease in deer and mad cow disease in cattle — can be absorbed by plants such as alfalfa, corn and tomatoes, according to new research from the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison. The research further demonstrated that stems and […]