Brain Trauma Increases Risk For Parkinson’s Disease

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Concussions Contribute To Neurodegenerative Disorders By Nicholas Bakalar, New York Times A traumatic brain injury, even a mild concussion, increases the risk for Parkinson’s disease, a new study reports. Researchers identified all patients diagnosed with T.B.I. in a Veterans Health Administration database — 162,935 men and women — and matched them with the same number

Ken Stabler Added To Growing List Of CTE Victims

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Brain Disease Found In Former Quarterback By John Branch, New York Times Shortly before he died in July, the former NFL quarterback Ken Stabler was rushed away by doctors, desperate to save him, in a Mississippi hospital. His longtime partner followed the scrum to the elevator, holding his hand. She told him that she loved him.

Tony Dorsett Battling Neurodegenerative Disorder

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Hall-Of-Famer Taking Disease In Stride Editor’s Note: Chronic encephalopathy is very similar to Alzheimer’s and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. In fact, all are part of a family of diseases known as Transmissible Spongiform encephalopathies (TSE). When lumped together, these diseases are part of a protein epidemic that is killing millions of people around the globe, wildlife across North America

Brain Injuries and Football Explored On PBS

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CTE Rising Among Many Athletes Football season brings with it a sense of all-American competitive spirit and nostalgia. Unfortunately, as more information comes out about the brain injuries caused by this sport, there’s a much darker side that we can’t afford to ignore. Tuesday’s  PBS Frontline documentary  ‘League of Denial’ documentary tackles the serious subject

CTE Had Hold On NFL Veteran Junior Seau

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Brain Injuries Stacking Up Among Athletes Junior Seau, who committed suicide in May, two years after retiring as one of the premier linebackers in NFL history, suffered from the type of chronic brain damage that has also been found in dozens of deceased former players (and several who are still alive), five brain specialists consulted