Alzheimer’s Disease Taking Omar Sharif

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Sharif Latest Victim Of Global Epidemic Legendary actor Omar Sharif is battling Alzheimer’s disease, his agent Steve Kenis confirmed. He said that the 83-year-old actor was resting at his home in Egypt. No additional details were provided about the 83-year-old actor or his care. His son, Tarek Sharif, revealed the diagnosis just a few days earlier.

Julianne Moore Earns Oscar For Portrayal Of Woman With Alzheimer’s Disease

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Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Julianne Moore. Her performance in Still Alice just earned her an Oscar for Best Actress at the 2015 Academy Awards. The movie and her role could change the face of Alzheimer’s disease forever. Please join us as we advocate for the truth and reforms that can help contain many areas of mismanagement that are

Alzheimer’s Disease Takes Host Of Car Talk

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Magliozzi’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis His Worst Tom Magliozzi died of Alzheimer’s disease this week. A car-repair expert who with his brother Ray brought a fun sense of humor to public radio with their “Car Talk” show that combined sibling-razzing wisecracks with savant-like mechanical diagnostics. NPR announced his death and said the cause was complications from Alzheimer’s disease. The Magliozzis, graduates

AC/DC Founder Rocked By Brain Disease

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Malcolm Young Leaves Band Because Of Dementia The family of founding AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has confirmed the illness that forced the 61-year-old to quit the band because of dementia symptoms. “Malcolm is suffering from dementia and the family thanks you for respecting their privacy,” they said in a statement, according to People magazine. The group

Ben Bradlee Tackling Alzheimer’s Disease

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Editor’s Note & Update: RIP Mr. Bradlee. You made the world a better place. May we all have your passion for truth and justice. News Legend Becomes Part Of Growing Story Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee’s health has declined over the past two months and he has begun hospice care, his wife, Sally Quinn,

Pat Bowlen Steps Away From Broncos to Tackle Alzheimer’s Disease

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Bowlen Took Team To Several Super Bowls Pat Bowlen, one of the NFL’s longest serving and most successful owners, relinquished control of the Denver Broncos because of his continuing battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Joe Ellis, the longtime team president, will run the team and become chief executive. He will have “full authority on all matters,” the

Down Syndrome May Hold Clues For Alzheimer’s Prevention

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Down Syndrome Boosts Risk Of Dementia By Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Professorial Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London Alzheimer’s disease is typically a disease of later life, and age is the biggest known risk factor for the condition. But babies with Down syndrome, who always develop brains like those with Alzheimer’s later in life, don’t always go on to

CJD Takes Young Woman In South Dakota

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Food Not Our Only Concern As many are aware, Lisa Johnson began having some health problems over the last month and a half. She was supposed to work at Post Prom on April 12, but felt a little dizzy and nauseous so she went home instead. Feeling no better on Monday, she decided a trip

Alzheimer’s Epidemic Worse Than Statistics Indicate

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Caregivers Often Overwhelmed By Demands, Costs Sara Schupp hasn’t seen her mother in a while. She hopes to someday soon, but for now, it’s the difference between crying on the way to work every day for a week and functioning like a normal 34-year-old. Her mother, Bernadette LandiVittori, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease

Living With Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

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Managing, Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms Many years ago, I worked as a psychologist for the Navy’s Military Sealift Command. Toward the end of my last tour of duty, I visited Ryoanji, the famous Buddhist monastery and meditation rock garden in Kyoto, Japan. Although I found the rock garden cultivated a sense of calm stillness