Alzheimer’s Therapy Possible In Insulin Regulator

Alzheimer’s Disease Connected To Diabetes

Humanin is an amino acid known to play many roles in the human body. Alzheimer’s defense may be one of those roles. Humanin is a potential therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease, and its derivative, S14 G-humanin, is much stronger in its neuroprotective effect against Alzheimer’s disease-relevant insults. Although effective, the detailed molecular mechanism through which S14 G-humanin exerts its effects remains unclear.

Alzheimer's disease treatment

A recent study by Xue Li and colleagues from Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, China investigated the inhibitory effects of S14G-humanin on amyloid-beta protein-induced hippocampal neuronal injury, and data from this study showed that fibrillar amyloid-beta 40 disturbed cellular homeostasis through the cell membrane, increasing intracellular calcium, generating reactive oxygen species, and decreasing the mitochondrial membrane potential. S14G-humanin blocked the effects of amyloid-beta 40 on the neuronal cell membrane, and restored the disturbed cellular homeostasis, thereby exhibiting a potential and effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

These findings were published in the Neural Regeneration Research (Vol. 8, No. 27, 2013).


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