Alzheimer’s Disease Spreading Through Bodily Fluids

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  1. Saturday, May 16, 2015

    Land Spreading of the TSE Prion Disease, blood tank for feed, plants, vegetables, and sludge, stupid is as stupid does

    Friday, May 22, 2015

    Chronic Wasting Disease and Program Updates – 2014 NEUSAHA Annual Meeting 12-14 May 2014

    kind regards, terry

    1. Be aware of what’s happening upstream. Eat organic to help avoid neurotoxins and other killers. Question your water supply and filter it as much as possible. Stand up and speak out. Join us! Thanks.

  2. I think every person should have to read this article and be aware that the dangers of our society are there that are food sources and our water supplies that we rely on should be our top priority and keeping them clean and safe for future generations and ourselves it is worth the cost to protect each other why are we hiding this information I noticed there are only 250 likes when I found this information there should be two hundred and fifty billion likes everyone needs to know this information my family works in the healthcare field and I am shocked to find out that it’s probably one dangerous field to work in along with Sanitation . How will our Nations survive this?

  3. For those people who’s relative are Alzheimer’s Disease sufferer and maybe reading this, I find it hard that people are still ignorant of herbal medicine when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s Disease.
    I have been through many phases over the last couple of years since my father’s diagnosis, he was 53 years old and had Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and his diagnosis changed my life in many ways, I spend most of the time in denial and I keep thinking the tests were wrong. But deep down I knew they were correct. Though sharing his story is very difficult. He was always very successful in being able to accomplish anything he set his mind on doing. Alzheimer’s is a bitch of a disease.

  4. This article is quite horrifying! But if this is the case, why doesn’t everybody get Alzheimer’s? Are some people naturally immune to CWD prions? Does it take ingestion of a certain amount before they cause harm? I can’t imagine everyone who does not come down with the disease has completely avoided non-organic vegetables and city water for their entire lives. Regardless, it’s definitely something I will now be more aware of when purchasing certain items.

  5. Alzheimer’s illness is common in my family, I have been stressed at work for at least 16 years suffered depression my thoughts were blocked. So I knew the need to keep a watch on it, that was when I began to walk several times a week, 2 miles a day and realized that was a positive thing, but it got to a point my whole body started getting weaker, I needed some help. My recovery involved both medicine and diet.

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