Low-Fat Diet, Statins May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

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Good Cholesterol, Oils Help Brain Metabolize Proteins Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating disease whose incidence is clearly on the rise in America. Fortunately, a significant number of research dollars are currently being spent to try to understand what causes Alzheimer’s. ApoE-4, a particular allele of the apolipoprotein apoE, is a known risk factor. Since apoE

Neurodegenerative Diseases Closely Related

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Alzheimer’s Part Of Deadly TSE Family It’s not clear how the tangles of the protein tau commonly seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease spread throughout the brain in the course of disease—and to a modest extent in ordinary aging. But European researchers recently described an experiment in transgenic mice in which extracts containing tau tangles appeared to

Ali Fighting Parkinson’s Disease Like A Champ

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Parkinson’s Disease Has Champ In Epic Battle The former champion boxer Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’ disease in 1984 at the age of 42, and is one of the most high-profile people battling the condition. His brain injury could have been caused from repeated blows to the head. The majority of cases of Parkinson’s disease appear for no known

Alzheimer’s, CJD, Mad Cow Linked By Deadly Protein

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Prion Protein Causes Nerve Tissue To Die Scientists have discovered a surprising link between Alzheimer’s disease and mad cow disease. Both diseases involve something called a prion protein. (Both diseases are deadly and contagious.) The finding, which appears in the journal Nature, could explain one of the great mysteries in Alzheimer’s disease: How components of the

Margaret Thatcher Falls To Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Disease Takes Iron Lady In Britain, it has long been an open secret that former prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been sliding into dementia. “Open” because old friends and political allies can all see the changes in the proud woman known as the Iron Lady, particularly since she suffered a series of mini-strokes in

Alzheimer’s Disease Caused By Many Factors

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Prion Pathogen Can Be Triggered Or Acquired All causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not clear and it is likely that there are several causes. Alzheimer’s disease causes changes or deterioration in certain areas of the brain that control thinking, communication, and behavior. Some of the deterioration may be related to a loss of chemical messengers in the brain (neurotransmitters)-acetylcholine,

Dietary Toxins and Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Chamorro People Battling Brain Disease Epidemic More than 50 years ago, U.S. Navy physicians stationed on Guam found a shocking rate of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS—about 50 to 100 times higher than expected. Now, a new paper in the Nov. 11 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may revive one of the original